March and April 2024 Raleigh/Durham Real Estate Market Data

The market is in full "Spring market mode" with multiple offers on many homes. This is driving up both average sale price year/year as well as the median sale price. The one spot that is a little softer from my personal experience are homes over 1 million, although it definitely depends on the specific property and location (some still go quick). Waiving inspections isn't super common as it was a few years ago, but high due diligence fees cause sellers to have more leverage than buyers during repair negotiations. In North Carolina the due diligence fee is a "non-refundable fee" that goes to the seller, and then the seller credits this back at closing. I put quotes around non-refundable because technically it can be refundable in a few circumstances (like title issues) but for this purposes of this explanation let's call it non-refundable. Please contact me with any questions.

March April 2024 Raleigh Durham Real Estate Market Data

December 2023 through February 2024 Triangle Area Update

Another year in the books for the real estate market here in Raleigh/Durham! Pricing was basically flat with inventory staying low. One could argue the only thing that really changed last year was volume, with sales down around 10-15% depending on the area. One nice thing for buyers is it's easier to buy now than it has in years past, since we are in a more 'normal' market. That may change with the spring market coming up, which is typically a busy time in the Triangle for home buying and selling.

As of this writing in early February it looks like we will have a good spring market with volume and prices increasing. Nobody knows for sure until it happens, but from talking with my colleagues it looks like we will have our typical spring based on the amount of people who are calling to buy or sell in the coming months. 

Raleigh Durham Housing Market Chart

October and November 2023 - An In-Depth Look at the Raleigh/Durham Housing Market

Even with higher interest rates the real estate market here has been holding strong, with prices increasing year over year. The market seems to be heating up as well, with homes that I'm dealing with selling more quickly and at higher prices than a few months ago.

November 23 Durham Raleigh Real Estate Market Data

Also, Durham is booming even with the higher interest rates! We are seeing a 7% increase for median sales price in the past year and a 12.4% increase in average sales price. With cheaper prices than Raleigh this could be driving some of this growth. With the low inventory in Durham even if lower demand is present, an even lower supply will cause prices to keep rising. Higher interest rates are preventing sellers from selling, which paired with the demand for the Triangle is allowing prices to keep on their steady rise.

Durham Housing Market

August and September 2023 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update

The market has been pretty flat as we head into fall, with average sale price up 2.6% and median sales prices down 0.7% year/year. This is caused by a low supply (few sellers) and low demand (few buyers) market. If interest rates drop we'll likely see prices increase again, and if they keep going up will see more of this flat market or slight declines. Sellers have been reluctant to sell their 3.5% interest rate home and trade up for a higher interest rate, which really has kept prices from going down (we're still in a low inventory market). Sellers are also getting relatively close to their asking price, even with the higher interest rates. That being said, it's about ten times easier to buy in this market than say the 2021 or early 2022 markets.

Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Housing Market chart


June and July 2023 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update

The spring market is now over, and we'll see if we have the same slow down that we had last year from August to December. Right now a good portion of homes are selling quickly: homes priced well that are in a good location still sell fast. However, there are also listings that are sitting on the market which evens things out.

Prices are pretty flat year over year - median sales price is currently down 2.8% year/year, but average sales price is up 2.5% year/year. One additional nice thing for buyers (on top of relatively flat prices) is that the due diligence fees have come down some as well.

July 2023 Raleigh durham real estate market update


April and May 2023 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update

The market continues to improve for buyers, albeit slowly. Many of the desirable properties (especially those under 500k) are still selling very quickly with multiple offers, although compared to last year the bidding wars are much less intense. There's also a lot of properties that are sitting on the market if they need work or aren't in prime locations.

Last year from July through about January things slowed in the market and it was a good market to buy in, and I wonder if we'll have the same seasonality this year.

May 2023 Raleigh Durham housing market data

January through March 2023 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update

At the time of this writing (Marcy 27, 2023) the market has changed seemingly overnight. We've had an uptick in demand with the spring market, and with the low inventory all of a sudden prices are moving up again. Almost all homes that my clients are bidding on are multiple offer situations. 

Most of these multiple offer situations aren't as crazy as they were in 2021 or beginning of 2022, but we are still seeing a change in the market. Whereas we were transitioning to a neutral market, we are now heading back to a strong seller's market with increasing prices in our area. 

In summary, prices in our area dropped ~5-10% from July 2022 - January 2023.

November and December 2022 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update

Sales have been slower during the holidays, with fewer sellers coming to the market since nobody wants to give up their great interest rate unless they have to. Exchanging a 3% interest rate on your current home for a 6.5% interest rate on a new home is a tough thing to do. That has slowed the transition from a sellers market to a neutral market, as supply side has been low. This means that even with demand being less we haven't transitioned very quickly.

Home inventory levels are still at around 2 months (technically seller's market), although they are gradually increasing. A neutral market is 5 months of inventory. What will be interesting to see is whether our spring market next year brings enough demand to swing inventory the other direction. We have a strong seasonal market (slower in late fall and winter, and busy in the spring), and usually our big price gains are in the spring. If interest rates can stay around the 6% mark, things look pretty good for the spring in my opinion. An increase to say 8% interest rates would most likely dampen things. 

Home prices are still up year over year in the Raleigh-Durham area (around 10%), however they have dropped around 5% off their spring/summer highs.

January 2023 Raleigh Durham Real Estate Data and Chart


August and September 2022 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update:

Our inventory of homes is still building! We are still in a seller's market with homes selling on average at asking price, however things are slower than they were in the spring. With affordability very low historically, many buyers are deciding or are forced to rent versus buying and building long term equity.

If our current home inventory trend continues at the current rate we will be in a neutral / balanced market in 6-12 months. After we hit a neutral market it will be another 6-9 months or so to hit a buyer's market. Sometimes with a shift things can change fast on the local level (both down and up) so we'll see if this slow trend towards a neutral market continues, or if things change more quickly in the coming months. So far, the population growth in our area has been putting a buffer on the speed of our slowdown versus the rest of the country. We were the #2 fastest market in the US last month according to

With inventory still low we are still seeing a lot of bidding wars on the hotter homes. This past weekend I put offers in on two homes for clients: one home had 16 offers on it and the other had 7 offers on it. It's a tale of two markets where some homes are sitting whereas the more desirable homes are getting bid up over asking price.

July 2022 Raleigh Durham Real Estate Market Data and Charts

June 2022 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update:

The June data is out and the trend of slowly building inventory continues! It's such a slow process with 0.7 months of inventory in April, then 0.9 months in May, and now 1.2 months of inventory in June. Anything below 4 months is generally considered a seller's market, so we still have a long way to go until we hit a neutral market at around 5 months of inventory. *Note: 5 months of inventory means if no new homes were listed then all homes would be sold within 5 months. 0-4 months of inventory = seller's market, 4-6 months of inventory = neutral market, 6+ months of inventory = buyer's market.

Although it's still a seller's market, at least it's not as insane as it was in the spring, which you can see from the data. In May the year over year price increases were around 21%, whereas with this June data it's 17%. Still higher than average, but heading to a more reasonable realm. Also, the average price paid for homes decreased from May to June from around 5% over the asking price to around 4% over the asking price. Again, not a huge jump but still a sizable difference.

To me June felt more like the Raleigh / Durham market in 2019, where some houses were still having crazy bidding wars but some were sitting on the market for a couple weeks.

Raleigh Real Estate Market Data June 2022

May 2022 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update:

It's finally happened! With interest rates rising we have seen a slight slowdown in the Raleigh / Durham housing market. I say slight because inventory levels are still low, so the 'days on market' and 'percent of list price received' metrics are still very much in a home seller's favor.

The key number to look at below is "months supply of inventory." This number has been going down for years, and it finally started going up with the data from May 2022. With more supply the market can finally cool off a bit and go back to a more normal market, which means less bidding wars and less competition for home buyers. Inventory is still very low at 0.9 months, but once that gets to around 4 or 5 months we will be in a more balanced market. With interest rates expected to go up we could get there - we'll see what the market does in the coming months!

Raleigh Durham Housing Market Data May 2022

April 2022 - Raleigh-Durham Housing Market Update:

There has been a lot in the news about the real estate market cooling. Though that may be true for some areas, we haven't seen it here yet. It's all based on supply and demand, so we need some build up in inventory (homes on the market) for that to happen. Right now inventory is too low for prices to go down, since it would take almost zero buyers for there to be a change towards a more neutral market versus a seller's market. Just a reduction in buyers won't do it with so few homes on the market. 

As you can see in the table below the inventory levels have not gone up yet, and therefore prices are still going up. It would be nice to get back to a more balanced market with our 5% yearly price gains, so we'll see if that happens by the end of the year. As of right now it's looking like it will still be another 20% price gain year.

Raleigh Durham Real Estate Market Data