After World War II, there was a shortage of homes in the United States for returning soldiers. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation, a federal agency founded to help stimulate the economy by providing financial support to state and local governments and loans  to businesses after the Great Depression, provided a loan to the Lustron Corporation in 1946 to manufacture prefabricated enameled steel houses. Manufactured in Ohio, the homes came eight different models, made up of over 3,000 parts which were shipped from Ohio directly to the lot and assembled. From 1948-50, less than 3,000 of these homes were constructed across the United States—then, the Lustron Corporation was repossessed by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and declared bankruptcy.


Lustron homes were advertised as affordable, modern, low maintenance, efficient homes:Lustron Homes Advertisement


Today, approximately 1,500 Lustron homes are still standing, and in North Carolina, a few are still standing. Right now, there is one for sale in Durham at 1811 Glendale Avenue:

1811 Glendale Ave 

Source: TMLS

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